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The effects of globalisation in Nepal

Excellent video, if a little challenging for GCSE students, on Nepal and how it has been affected culturally and economically by globalisation. With a level of insight you wouldn’t find in a text book. Attached are some questions to help pupils break down and understand all the ideas.


Questions here nepal and globalisation questions


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Lovely CO2 emissions infographic

Saw this on Twitter (via @Americangeo – who seem excellent geography types and worth a follow) and had to share.

Study Questions:

  • Name 3 continental patterns you can see?
  • Why do HICs (high income countries) create more CO2 than LICs (low income countries)
  • What does this infographic tell you about the change in CO2 emissions in NICs?
  • Do you think this is a useful data source? Give reasons for your answer

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Global City, Mumbai – Grown too big too fast?

mumbai train

This article from the BBC is exactly about what we covered when looking at global cities and Mumbai – an example from a LIC or LEDC. The infrastructure is struggling to cope. In a city of maybe 23 million people (3 times that of London) 8-10 people are dying on the train tracks of every day. What can they do to make it better?