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Coronavirus work: year 9 climate change lesson 3+4

The PowerPoint for the lesson is here

The text book is here

Those are the two resources you need for the lesson. But if you are a bit of a geography geek you may also want to read this good news story about coronavirus, climate change and fossil fuels from today’s news.

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Coronavirus Work: Year 9 Climate Change Lessons 1 + 2

Where is this taken?

Hello Year 9. Well this is a strange way to start your GCSE isnt it? All your lessons will be on show my homework. This website is just a place for resources, like photos pages from a book videos etc that you will need to understand and complete the work.

Firstly, the text book is here. The chapter we want is from pages 194-215. So you will need to scroll through the rivers and coasts chapters to get to the climate change one, which is toward the back of this pdf document. GCSE text book 

Here is an excellent video clip from a full length documentary made a former vice president of the USA, AL Gore. It talks of ice ages and the link to carbon emissions. It shows how global temperature is completely linked to the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. It is not simple to understand. So watch this carefully. Pause and rewind parts if you need to.

And there is a short video about glacial and inter glacial periods from Professor Iain Stewart from the BBC on this page too.

Lesson 1 resources are on SMHW but I have also attached them here in case that helps.

Lesson 2 (on the causes of climate change) resources are below

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Coronavirus Work: Getting ahead!


Hello year 10. hope you are well. This post os for those of you who want to get ahead a bit. The National Academy has released two more GCSE Geography lessons and the link is below. They are on biomes. If you follow the lessons and write down answers and notes you will have made a head start, as this is one of the topics you will be learning in year 11.

You can find the two lessons here

Anther post connected with this on my site can be found here How ecosystems function AND ecosystems under threat – Skeleton revision cards & key word lists

Enjoy your learning!

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Coronavirus Work: Rural and Urban UK – Change in UK cities


The video linked below is REALLY useful as it looks at lots of strands on the urban part of this topic. It does this by looking at change in cities and especially change through the process of GENTRIFICATION.

video is here

video notes:


Land in London is very expensive because lots of people want to live and work there; demand for it is high and there is a limited amount of it. This means property developers build expensive new accommodation so they make more money and so rich people are the only ones that can afford this and the poor people are forced to move away. This also happens to local independent businesses. This is what gentrification is; less wealthy people being forced to leave where they live and work by increasing prices.

Also note the link to other parts of the GCSE here. As London is a global city, foreign residents and multinational companies are also involved is also a factor. If you can understand that, then you will be getting the higher scores in any 8 mark questions in your exam.


  • Why did people want to remove the skateboarders?
  • Why did people want to keep the skateboarding space?
  • The skateboard area was kept. If it had not been what might the effects have been? Write a list categorising the effects into social, economic and environmental

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Coronavirus Work: Rural and Urban UK – Skeleton revision cards & key word lists


This is a set of revision resources, produced to help students after they have finished the topic. However, bearing in mind these strange times, you could also use them ALONGSIDE the work you are doing on this topic. this would have advantages:

1/ You would see the progress you were making and what you were covering

2/ You could see what you had NOT yet covered.

3/ When we go over this work in class, you could see how that fits in with the work you have done now.

4/ You could fill in keyword definitions as you go.

When you use these for revision after the topic, here is how they work best. The idea is that by using them both you will have revised the whole topic. You could work out all the key words first and then use them to help you answer the questions on the skeleton cards or you could start with the cards and work out the key words as you go along. Be aware that summing up each topic with just 4-8 questions means that you will need to spend a lot of time on each one to cover the whole topic properly.

Key words 1.2 urban rural UK

urban rural uk

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The Beauty of Maps

beauty of maps

Missing geography? Of course you are!

Well go to this BBC site and wonder and gasp at all the beauty of maps. Look at what maps were used for and how they looked. Which one are your favourites? How have maps changed?

You’ll never look at the map on your phone in the same way again!

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Coronavirus and Geography

I saw this on Twitter this morning and it altered my thinking a little.

It raised some questions I thought might be good for you geography students to consider as well.

1/ How might the impacts of the coronavirus differ between an LIC and an HIC?

2/ How could poverty affect the impacts of the virus?

3/ How could ‘preparedness’ and infrastructure affect the impacts of the virus?

4/ Why might it be harder for an LIC than an HIC  to manage an effective response to the virus?

5/ Do you think globalisation makes the virus easier or harder to manage?

I am sure there are many other questions that could be asked. But there is no doubt that geographers have a role to play in understanding the effects and responses to the coronavirus pandemic.


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Geography reading and resources for y10

IMG_3066I will add to this list as time goes on, but for the moment I give you just a few to start with:

This looks at the problems of water shortages in South Africa and what people have tried to do to solve this South Africa water Geoactive 597

This is an article on the problems of transport in UK cities  Urban transport Geoactive 599

This is an update on global warming impacts Geoactive 594

Here you can read about the causes and effects of extreme weather in the UK Extreme UK weather Geoactive 600

UPDATE 26/3/2020

This was produced by the wonderful @mrshumanities on twitter and I link it here with no editing at all. So a big thank you to her. In it are telly programs, books, online links, films and other stuff to help you keep your LOVE of geography going

Click here to see the documents KeepLearningGeography