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I am an ordinary Geography teacher. I cleared all of my old posts in October 2017. I plan to continue sharing stuff that interests me. I am now teaching the new WJEC EDUQAS GCSE syllabus B. I am more than happy for any teacher or pupil to use the resources on here. I only ask that my work where appropriate is credited.

I also blog about a mixture of Buddhism and more general teaching issues at



34 thoughts on “About Geogteacher

  1. This looks like great stuff – shame I’m doing Edexcel B – hopefully can still find some stuff to nick!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I linked one of your cartoons to my class blog. Hope you don’t mind!

  3. just thought i’d say there’s loads on eco tourism in india at this website
    i know its not one our case studies, but it might be useful for people for the exams anyway.

    • thaks very much Esther i may use that as a comparison study next year. hope your revision is going well. If you want to email me in any past exam questions you have done then feel free. gl Friday if i dont see you before.

      Mr. Anderson

    • Hello Esther, just found your old comment whilst tidying up my blog…. how are you doing? Are you in the US still?

  4. Great idea. I would say that this goes slightly above the ‘normal’ geog teacher! I am a NQT just starting this syllabus…with year 9…in a year!!! So your site is really helpful and I will keep having a look from now on!

  5. Hi there, I’m trying to follow up with people who have used the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) in the classroom recently. I saw in a fairly recent blog comment you made that you were thinking of testing it out: If you ever got around to using the QFT, I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on it. We’re a small nonprofit, which has developed the QFT over 20 years of work in the field, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot!
    Jonathan Adams
    Right Question Institute

  6. Great idea – we have just changed to AQA B. I look forward to future blogs and sharing resources!

  7. Hi, I was wondering if you would oppose me using some of your information in a report I have to do for my University class on the 2010 Eyjafjallajokull eruption. Although for proper citing I need a name and was hoping you could provide me with yours. If not, I completely understand.

  8. Great to find other departments using AQA A as well. rest of our department are not as active online but I shall. Be recommending they look at your work. I’m including some geography on my new blog as I am involved in so many things.
    Also I set up a departmental channel on YouTube some of the GCSE linked videos may be of interest see YouTube/users/BowerParkGeography or my .

    Andy Knill
    Bower Park School, Romford, Havering

    • i will be checking that youtube channel out. Its something I would like to do as well – especially for revision purposes.
      We do the human exam in y10 studying the urban, tourism and development topics
      In y11 we look at restless earth, coasts and water on the land

      • Our department does exams in yr 11. Units studied;
        Physical – restless Earth, Coasts and Water on the land
        Human – population, Changing rural environment and Tourism
        So 4/6 commonalities is pretty good.
        Our Controlled assessment is coast based too.

  9. What a wonderful web site with alot of useful information. Well Done.
    A Worried year 11 Mum.

  10. I agree, geography teaching at school is not upto scratch! Worried year 11 mother – this site is fantastic. Well done

  11. How fabulous! I’m an ecologist teaching environmental science. Help much appreciated! Thanks 🙂

    • No worries. Most of my ideas are based on others initial thoughts, so feel free to use borrow and adapt as much as you want off the blog

  12. Dear Geog Teacher,

    My name is Jamie and I run a website called The Tutor Website. We provide education advice to students, parents and private tutors in the UK. We’ve recently written an article called Top 20 Geography Websites, Blogs and Resources and we’re pleased to say that we’ve included Geog Teacher in our list.

    I was wondering if you’d consider linking back to the article from your website?


    Jamie Thomson

  13. Hi,
    Love this blog, especially the wealth of exam questions I can use to practise. Do you have a contact/a way of emailing you through here to see if you could mark some of my practise questions?

    Thanks for putting the effort into making this!

    • Hello Michael, Much as i would like to mark your exam answers, I have my own classes to do at this time of year. however, you will see that the 2 posts with all the higher paper questions for human and physical papers in the last 4 years come complete with mark schemes as well…. hope that is of some use to you and GOOD LUCK with your Geography!

  14. Im struggling to find the mark schemes that were mentioned in the above post can you help me find them.

    • Look in the recent posts “all the human exam papers” or “all the physical exam papers…” posts… If that fails you can find them all on the AQA website too

  15. hi just wondering when you would have the higher human and physical papers 2016 thanks

  16. Hi there – great site but I find it really unhelpful that you have posted the 2016 exam papers as it undermines mock exam practice for other schools. Please consider removing them, and making them available for your own students only – the majority of the posters asking for the exam papers above will have been students at schools like mine trying to get a heads up on what will be in their end of topic/mock exams.

    • Hello, sorry that you feel that way. I posted them so my students could practice the most recent exam questions , as the ones prior to about 2014 were a bit easier I think and therefore having all the newer ones helps them prepare for the GCSE better

  17. Hello, i found your blog really useful and keep up the good work. BTW what do you think is most likely to come up for the exams? The topics i do is Restless Earth, Rivers and Challenge of weather and climate.

    • Hell Tom. Thank you for your kind words. I never try to predict what will come up in the exam. This year is also the last one for this syllabus. So unfortunately I can only say revise it all! Good luck with your GCSEs

  18. Hi, I recall seeing a post here a few months back featuring “skeleton” revision flashcards that had a basic structure for pupils to fill out their own notes in. I was wondering if you still have that file somewhere, as I remember finding them really useful. Sorry for bothering you.

    • alas i melted my old posts when we changed GCSE boards. Sorry. They were all for the old spec and so not much use now anyways

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