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Extreme Weather event caused by a High Pressure System


We used the 2017 European heatwave and the effects it had. (The revision resources to the Low Pressure event you need to know about can be found hereĀ Hurricane Haiyan).Use the powerpoint to find photos of an article we read and links to online resources.

Simply put you need to revise:

1.The causes of the heatwave. You will talk about anticyclones (high pressures)and air masses.

2.The effects of the heatwave. As normal categorise this into social economic and environmental. But also look at how different groups of people were affected.

3.How people responded to the heatwave


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Revising Typhoon Haiyan

bbc haiyan map

(map from BBC revision site)

Just follow the instructions on the powerpoint and use the padlet page as your resource from which to revise. Notice the parts that have REVISE on them. Use those only or you will run out of time for other topics!

The structure for this is easy:

  • Causes (dont need a lot on this; a typhoon is an extreme low pressure)
  • Effects (effects on the people it says in the exam syllabus so concentrate on social and economic as well as short term and long term effects)
  • Responses (note similarity to work we did on aid in Nepal)

(If you missed the lesson then read through and watch clips until you get to slide 9 where the main instructions are. there are some ideas about how to organise your revision on slides 10 and 11)

The powerpoint is hereĀ Haiyan revision 2018

And the link to the padlet resources mentioned in the powerpoint and above is HERE

finally if you need the skeleton revision card for this whole topic it is here along with the key words