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Slow revision – slow teaching

slow teaching cover

I am starting to read Jamie Thom’s book “Slow Teaching”; well actually I have only read the chapter on revision he put up online, but I was so impressed I have ordered the book. This chapter expressed better than I ever could some of the ideas I have partly introduced to my class and some of the ones I am only beginning to sort out in my own head. I am really looking forward to reading the rest. You can follow Jamie on twitter here @teachgratitude


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Why Rivers flood (at Boscastle especially)

boscastle flood bbc

Why did Boscastle flood? Why do rivers in general flood?

Here is an excellent SO WHAT exercise to help you revise why rivers flood (on side 3 of this powerpoint) why rivers flood The other slides also give you some of the answers if you need help with the work.

Boscastle flood

You need to know why one particular river flooded. We studied Boscastle and the river Valency there. I found this work another teacher had collated on causes, effects and responses to this flood. river case study notes (Unfortunately I don’t recall the teacher who created this. If you recognise the work please let me know)