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Extreme Weather event caused by a High Pressure System


We used the 2017 European heatwave and the effects it had. (The revision resources to the Low Pressure event you need to know about can be found here Hurricane Haiyan).Use the powerpoint to find photos of an article we read and links to online resources.

Simply put you need to revise:

1.The causes of the heatwave. You will talk about anticyclones (high pressures)and air masses.

2.The effects of the heatwave. As normal categorise this into social economic and environmental. But also look at how different groups of people were affected.

3.How people responded to the heatwave


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The effects of leisure on a location and how people manage it

Green-Traveller-3This is what the syllabus asks you to know How urban and rural areas are used for leisure.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of leisure use for both local residents and leisure users.
  • The impacts of increasing leisure use on rural honeypots.
  • Positive and negative impacts of major sporting events on localities.
  • Study of one location where leisure use is managed and the effectiveness of the
    management strategy.


We have studied Lyndhurst in the New Forest as a honeypot site and the Rugby world Cup as a sports event (we also looked at the Glastonbury festival which is excellent on managing the impacts in a sustainable way.)

The information on Lyndhurst is here  lyndhurst information and here  lyndhurst new forest honeypot . The Rugby world cup was straight from the text book

The homework you were asked to do on Glastonbury is here. Glastonbury Festival homework

Use your notes and work in your exercise books as well. Break down the ideas into

1/ advantages and disadvantages of the leisure activities (ie their impacts) and you could also look at whether these are social, environmental and/or physical.

2/ How people have managed these issues. what strategies have they used to improve the situation?

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Britain’s disappearing coastline


There was this excellent article in the Guardian last month. Click here to read it

Read the whole article before answering these questions (otherwise you will find them much harder to answer). Please either write out the questions in your book as well as the answers or answer in whole sentences. If you don’t do one of these two things, you will find it very hard to revise from this work

  1. What does “hold the line” mean for coastal defence?
  2. How much could sea levels rise around the UK cost by the end of the century?
  3. What does this phrase from the 6th paragraph mean” The plans to hold the line would cost more than the property and land that would be protected.”?
  4. Put this phrase from the 7th paragraph into your own words “the government only currently funds defences with at least a 6 fold cost-benefit ratio”?
  5. How many properties are currently at significant coastal flood risk” and how many is this likely to increase to by 2080?
  6. What other parts of our key infrastructure are also at risk from rising sea levels in by 2080?
  7. Why do you think the government is warning people about these possible risks to their property?
  8. Sum up what this article has said in 4 short bullet points



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Revising small scale ecosystem: sand dunes

studlandHere is a powerpoint to guide you through what you need to revise. small scale ecosystem revision.

Basically, what you need to know about a small scale ecosystem is split into 3 parts: (however I do think 2 and 3 are really 2 parts of the same idea)

  1. What are the characteristics of a sand dune ecosystem?
  2. How do they benefit local communities?
  3. What management issues are there for looking after sand dune ecosystems?

The text book we use is good for this (whereas there is nothing on sand dunes in the revision guide). Here are some photos of the relevant pages. Open the powerpoint above and you will find the revision tasks you can complete for this.



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Tragedy of the Commons

Sometimes things just fall into place. And a lesson on this topic seems to be a case in point. I have seen this phrase a few times on line in the last couple of months and not known what it meant. Then I was sent a link to a TED-Ed page and one of their videos. This is an excellent resource and not just for geography either. I used it in a tutor time and my Year 10s were made to think and reflect. While this was happening, an English teacher visited us and she enthusiastically noted how these themes also fitted in very nicely with “An Inspector Calls” which they are studying for GCSE!

TED-Ed supply some excellent ideas for making a lesson out of this video as well.

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Tawai: New Bruce Parry Film


If you have been to a geography lesson at St Edmund’s school over the last few years, chances are you will have seen a clip from ‘Tribe’ or ‘Amazon’. We love Bruce Parry for getting to the heart of a place and its people and letting us see them with so few veils in the way. I can therefore categorically pronounce that I will be seeing this new feature length documentary as soon as I can (though it may not make it to Salisbury cinema alas)

The Time Out review makes it look even more interesting