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Water Aid: toilets and GCSE Geography

What a great charity Water aid is. I love teaching about them and what they do. Pupils gain knowledge of what other people lack, what other people need to break the poverty trap and gain dignity and also a sense of both connection across the globe and a sense of gratitude for what they themselves have.

If you don’t know Water Aid this is a good introduction to what they do.


But what I really like to use in class is the video below. It teaches about so many strands of Geography, whatever syllabus you might teach or learn. When we use it we use it as an example of long term aid in a LEDC or LIC (less economically developed country or Lower income country). It is set in Nepal and tells of one woman’s determination to get her family a toilet in their house. Something all my pupils take for granted.

We give them these instructions: (The whole lesson including the one before on emergency aid is laid out on this powerpoint if you want to look at that too Aid lessons Nepal

In the center of a double page in your book with the title in the centre. Add in the three main actions that Water Aid has taken

1.Employing local people

2.Construction of toilet

3.Education of sanitation and hygiene

As you are watching the video make a note of the impacts. AFTER you have watched you will add these onto the correct areas of your spider diagram. Categorise these into SEE. Explain how each of the actions is sustainable in a paragraph in your book.

But what I most like about this is what I learnt from this is how it is people’s dignity that matters so much. I have never given that enough time in my lessons. Now I certainly do.