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Help for parents of year 11 pupils


These are the notes from our brief meeting on 24/9/18. They contain links and main points. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

How you can help your daughter get a better grade in her Geography GCSE

WJEC Syllabus B facts – 3 exams:

  1. Normal exam (40%)
  2. Decision making exam   (30%)
  3. Exam based on fieldwork (30%)

Although it is still only the second group of pupils going through this new GCSE we are very confident in being able to tell your daughter what she needs to do to improve her work in geography and therefore get a higher grade than the one she is working at the moment. in fact you can help too!

  • Read your daughter’s exercise book and test her. Testing aids recall and good recall helps long term memory and understanding.
  • Every 3 weeks or so we will do some DIRT (dedicated improvement and reflection time). This is where we improve answers correct misunderstanding and generally make the learning we have done so far better. Ask your child what they did in these lessons (look for yellow boxes in her book)
  • Follow @stedsgeography and sign up for email notifications to (click on ‘follow’ in the bottom right and enter your email address)
  • Use this website to revise the physical geography parts of the course 
  • The BBC has revision pages written solely for our exam board. They are adding to these all the time. this is very useful indeed
  • You could buy a text book but at £24 paperback or £11 kindle I wouldn’t say that was good value.
  • There is a revision book which is also partly a work book. I do recommend getting it but as it is also a work book it means the best revision notes will certainly be your child’s own exercise books
  • email me at with any questions you have.