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Past Paper revision

At some time during your revision you will need to practise some past paper questions. as the GCSEs are still relatively new there are only the 2018 papers available online at the moment. you can find them on the EDUQAS site if you click here

Additionally it is likely that your teacher will have access to the 2019 papers from last year so you might want to ask them for copies of those as well

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Big revision guide – part 3


All your revision key word lists in one place for every topic are attached. Please note there is no way I can cover every single word you need to know for the exam here. The list is not exhaustive. Also I have tried to avoid duplication so some words will be key for more than one topic but only appear in one list.

the secret with key words is not just to know what they mean but to be able to successfully use them in an exam answer. so also practice using them by writing out full sentecnes with key words in or by going on to exam papers and finding questions you can use them in.

The link for them are hereKey words 3.4 desertificationKey words 3.3 waterKey words 3.1 & 3.2 ecosystemsKey words 2.4 Climate changeKey words 2.3 Weather and ClimateKey words 2.2 rivers and river managmentKey words 2.1 coasts and coastal managmentKey words 1.3 glob and devtKey words 1.2 urban rural UKKey words 1.1 global cities


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Big revision guide – part 2


All your revision personal learning checklists (PLCs) in one place for every topic are attached. These break each topic down into small questions that help you realise what you know and what you don’t know. They don’t provide such an overall linked up way of revising as the skeleton cards (which you can find here) but they do give you the chance to revise detailed manner and see what you need to do first by pointing out gaps in your knowledge.

Personally i would start by using these to check what I think I know and think i dont know, then use the skelton cards and then come back again when id finshed the topic use the PLC once more.

The links for them are here Eduqas GCSE B Geography PLC

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Big revision guide – part 1


The link below gives you a breakdown of each topic in the GCSE you need to revise. All your revision skeleton revision guides in one place for every topic are attached. These break each topic down into 4-6 questions. They aren’t as detailed as a PLC (which you can find here) but give you the chance to revise in a more joined up and linked together way by seeing the work in larger chunks. I advie using them by taking each question or chunk one at a time and revising that and then testing yourself on what you have learnt. Or get someone else to test you; I know your parents or carers would love to assist you if you asked.

The link for them is here all skeletons

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All coasts topic revision


Everything you need (apart from learning it testing yourself and revising it of course) is here. Lots of videos from the time for geography website and some revision pages too.

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Multinational Companies: are they a good thing or not?

Multinational corporations (MNCs) are very large global companies which have their headquarters in HICs but often manufacture their products in LICs, where the production costs are lower. When MNCs locate within LICs they can bring a number of advantages to the local community, but they can also bring negative impacts.

  • They create stable employment and regular income for their local employees. This in turn leads to increased spending, and a number of other benefits to the local community – this is known as the multiplier effect. (see photo below)
  • They often help to develop the local infrastructure including roads, water and power supplies.
  • They bring foreign investment which means the local economy is improved without using taxpayers’ money.
  • They may also contribute to social welfare projects including improving health and education.
  • Workers are often exploited with poor working conditions, long hours and low pay.
  • Health and safety standards are lower than in HICs, resulting in workers being exposed to a higher risk of accidents.
  • The higher-paid managerial positions often go to foreign workers.
  • Profits mainly go back to the country of origin rather than being used to improve the local area.
  • Environmental regulations are often less restrictive in LICs, resulting in air, water and land pollution, and loss of wildlife habitats.

Revision task: a) categorise these effects into negative and positive as well as into social environmental and economic b) read these notes on Nike to see how one example fits into this overall pattern Nike revision notes



The Multiplier Effect

Also remember the videos we have watched on the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh and how that shows poor working conditions and non-existent workers right/health and safety at work

Eight Storeys from Emily Yeung on Vimeo.

So the BIG question is: Do you think MNCs are a good thing or not? Exam type 8 mark questions on this might look like… “Evaluate the impacts of MNCs in LICs”

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Rural to Urban Migration in LICs


(image from Wikipedia)

People move to cities from the countryside in LICs for a variety of reasons. These can be split into push and pull factors

  • Push factors drive you away from a place
  • Pull factors attract you to a place

Examples of push factors (with added in extensions and chains of reasoning to explain them)
1/ Poor harvests so lack of food leads to malnourishment / early death
2/ Desertification so land is becoming less fertile harder to make profit from farming harder to feed family / malnourishment
3/ Lack of education / schools so children have to walk long distances to school remain illiterate do not get employment skills
Examples of pull factors (with added in extensions and chains of reasoning to explain them)
1/ More education opportunities / higher education so children can complete education become fully literate gain employment skills
2/ More job opportunities which may also be better paid so money can be sent back to rural families (called remittances)

Other push and pull factors include: natural disasters, modern facilities and living, poverty, war, being with family, persecution, lack of farming land

Revision Task

Categorise these factors above into push and pull and write a couple of sentences for each of them that extends and explain s them better using chains of reasoning