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All coasts topic revision


Everything you need (apart from learning it testing yourself and revising it of course) is here. Lots of videos from the time for geography website and some revision pages too.

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Revising small scale ecosystem: sand dunes

studlandHere is a powerpoint to guide you through what you need to revise. small scale ecosystem revision.

Basically, what you need to know about a small scale ecosystem is split into 3 parts: (however I do think 2 and 3 are really 2 parts of the same idea)

  1. What are the characteristics of a sand dune ecosystem?
  2. How do they benefit local communities?
  3. What management issues are there for looking after sand dune ecosystems?

The text book we use is good for this (whereas there is nothing on sand dunes in the revision guide). Here are some photos of the relevant pages. Open the powerpoint above and you will find the revision tasks you can complete for this.