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Mock exam preparation – the Human Paper


Your geography GCSE mock in February is a human paper. So the topics will of course be:

  1. Changing Urban Environments
  2. Development Gap and
  3. Tourism

You will need the PLCs to start your revision. Click here

You could use the skeleton cards I have drawn up

Then you need to practice some exam questions: Human higher papers are here and foundation ones here

Anything else you need just email me 🙂

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New PLCs for 2016 Geography AQA GCSE syllabus A


We have revamped your PLCs (Personal Learning Checklists) for 2016. They are attached below. These are designed for you to rag rate your knowledge. So you read through the list, work out how much you think you know for each part and then start revising the PARTS YOU ARE LEAST CONFIDENT ON.

After that you then attempt some exam questions on that topic (you can find them on this blog of course)

changing Urban environments PLC

Coastal Zone PLC

Dev Gap PLC

Restless Earth PLC

Tourism PLC

Water on the Land PLC



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