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Revising the Kobe Earthquake?


We went through this quite quickly in class this week. So if you are a bit worried you didn’t get all the information and ideas here is the ever excellent cool geography website with EVERYTHING you need … the page is very clearly divided into causes effects and response. Just remember in our exam you need to compare this quake in a richer part of the world (MEDC) with one in a poorer part of the world (LEDC) We of course studied Nepal … Click here for the info you need on that.


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TED ED flipped lesson on Tectonics and why plates move

Here is a link to a video i flipped via Ted ed. Well when i say flipped, I mean added some questions to. Hope it is of use for understanding WHY PLATES MOVE. I cant see how to embed the video and questions yet, so you will have to just click on the link below


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