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Extreme Weather event caused by a High Pressure System


We used the 2017 European heatwave and the effects it had. (The revision resources to the Low Pressure event you need to know about can be found here Hurricane Haiyan).Use the powerpoint to find photos of an article we read and links to online resources.

Simply put you need to revise:

1.The causes of the heatwave. You will talk about anticyclones (high pressures)and air masses.

2.The effects of the heatwave. As normal categorise this into social economic and environmental. But also look at how different groups of people were affected.

3.How people responded to the heatwave


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Birds and Stakeholders and Coastal Management

birds net cliff norfolk

Simply read this BBC article from earlier in the months and as long as you understand how it shows how different people (called stakeholders) can have different opinions about the best way to manage coasts you will have learnt a very useful thing for your GCSE exam

  • What does the council want to achieve with the nets?
  • Why is the RSPB angry with the nets?
  • Who do you think is correct here?

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Fly Like an Eagle


This beautiful footage is of a white tailed eagle is from over the Orkney islands.


It made me think.

  1. How many coastal features can you see?
  2. Are the features mainly caused by erosion or deposition?
  3. You can see a wave cut platform quite a few times in the clip. What used to be on top of the present day wave cut platform and how was it formed?
  4. A block of the coast seems to have partly, or maybe even wholly, separated from the rest (look at the clip between 00:10 to 00:20 and again between 02:10 and 02:55. How has this happened? what coastal processes do you think caused this block to come away from the mainland and what evidence in the clip could you use to back up your theory? can you see evidence for in the clip?