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Hans Rosling

We have used Mr Rosling’s videos and talks SO much over the years and are grateful for the way he has educated our students in a way we could not have without his help. But rather than look at one of his talks again I wanted to share this as I LOVE the way he uses facts and data to show how the world is. He was a great geographer we and made hundreds of our pupils become better geographers too. Thank you Hans

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Excellent Hans Rosling for all parts of Development Gap

This superb program from our department’s favourite Swedish Professor of Public Health covers SO much of the Development Gap, it is like he just read the specification.

  • What makes a country less developed or more developed? What are the obstacles to development?
  • how can we measure development? whats the best way to measure development?
  • How are different development measures related to each other?
  • what factors increase global inequality?
  • How can people get out of poverty and improve their standard of living and quality of life?
  • how can aid help? does aid help?

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What causes what? Ebola and Poverty in Liberia, West Africa

Great new video from Gapminder …..Fits in REAL NICE for the development Gap topic. Talk about this in the exam and get closer to your A*

Firstly, it talks about the reasons Liberia has been less developed such as civil war and corruption

and then it talks about the impact of Ebola…..

Because Liberia is poor it has cramped overcrowded housing and poor hygiene and health so as soon as Ebola starts it is easy for it to spread among families and poorer areas

And when it starts to spread it causes poverty as people cannot work, because they are ill or looking after others and the country has to spend more on medicine than other things that could help it develop like education and transport and training

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