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PPP for an earthqauke


What does PPP stand for? Prediction Preparation Protection

We have studied Shakeout as a great example of PPP and the work they specifically do in California. I have summed this up here on one document that will help you revise for your exam

FEMA revision guide


Here is a short video they made to advise people


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Prediction and Preparation for and Protection from Earthquakes


Here is the lesson powerpoint complete with video links so you can finish off the work. ppp lesson dec 14

Here is the table and diagram you had to complete PPP worksheet

Here is the excellent video on what californians do in the great shake out

Here is the short video of the news report on the most earthquake building in Los Angeles, California

If you want more information here is the great shake out website http://www.shakeout.org

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Revising Earthquakes in rich and poor countries

plate boundaries

We studied Bam in Iran and California in the USA. There was an earthquake at each place. Each one about 6.3 on the Richter scale. Yet the over 20,000 were killed in Bam killed and only 1 in California. Why?

This is the crux of these two case studies. I am attaching the powerpoint, complete with video links from the lesson. It would probably help if, at the same time, you revised the way California is prepared for earthquakes through their shakeout program use the (why do you think the emphasis is so much on preparation and not prediction?)

Here is the powerpoint lesson on Bam and California earthquakes

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