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PPP for an earthqauke


What does PPP stand for? Prediction Preparation Protection

We have studied Shakeout as a great example of PPP and the work they specifically do in California. I have summed this up here on one document that will help you revise for your exam

FEMA revision guide


Here is a short video they made to advise people

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Rutland Reservoir

You need to know the problems of water supply in the UK (which is basically there is enough water for us all but lots falls in the north and west, whereas people mostly live in the south and east). Also you need to know about the case study of one reservoir in the UK. we look at Rutland Water for this … there is a lot of good information for this in the revision guide (here’s the page)

You could also test your knowledge with this simple but handy quick test video I found on you tube.

Also this powerpoint is a very useful one slide summary of the case study Managing the UK_s water linked to Rutland

Finally here is an exam question from 2013 higher paper you could attempt to text how well prepared you are ….

“Discuss the issues which result from building dams and reservoirs” (8 marks) 

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Levees and Floodplain – 2 useful Videos

Haven’t seen this one before. Its brief and good 🙂


Here’s the one I normally show, which is also good. It is though mainly aimed at AS and A level


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Quick information sheet on answer exam questions

This is a handy brief guide to the AQA A geography GCSE. It’s not everything you need to know but it’s more than a good start.

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Constructive and Destructive Waves

You would do well to find a better page on the web to explain the differences between these two types of wave than the BBC Bitesize revision one. So click here to have a look. I have posted before about waves in general. You can read that here

There is also a video here, made by another teacher that explains it quite well. It comes with a music soundtrack from the 1980s – around about the time I took my GCSE (well it was called an O’Level in those days)


Typical exam questions on this might be:

Describe the 3 features of a constructive or destructive wave (3 marks)


Explain how a constructive or destructive wave shapes the coast. (4 marks)

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Updated Blackpool Resources

Having just taught Blackpool as an example of a UK tourist resort, here is the link you need to access all the resources we used in class


Remember, you need to know …….

A case study of a coastal resort. 1) Why it grew 2) What problems tourists brought to Blackpool 3)How large tourist numbers are managed 4) How the resort plans to continue being successful in the future

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6 months after the Nepal Earthquake, people still struggling

Don’t forget that the effects of such an awful disaster are long term and now just short term


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