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Why choose Geography?

Well its fantastic of course! How else are you going to understand YOUR world?

Isnt Geography breath taking?

heres what some geography students have to say about it (from youtube)

Here’s a video for parents to watch

and if you only have a short time to’s some images that will only take a minute (well 1:19 in fact)

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Taster day on Shanty towns

i have found two excellent sources of information:

Firstly, these photos taken a by a Norwegian guy who works for probably the world’s most famous photo agency – Magnum……you need to watch the first few photos and then when the world map comes up click on the dharavi option. There are photos of the whole area and some interactive ones from inside people’s houses….They are the kinds of photos that are so good they make you want to take up photography

Secondly, this blog from 2006…..written by an indian about Dharavi…..You want to know about recycling Indian stylee?Here’s the blog

why do people in LEDC’s recycle more? Have i told you about my flip flop story? If not stop me in the next lesson and ask me to recount it… know how i like talking about myself

why do you think the guys in this picture are so tired? check that blog above and you will find out. I might even tell you about my cycle rickshaw story as well.

Bidi break


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this is a very interesting animation on the spread of jobs gains and then losses across the usa

i found it on this web info site

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Weather in Australia

strange days down under….see these pictures

check the pictures out.

what is happening?

why is this happening?

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