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Geography is Beautiful

Look at this beautiful lavahose from Big Island Hawaii

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Kilauea Lava flow

Slow moving lava from Kilauea volcano on Hawaii. can you stop it? Do you know where it will go? How has the rain helped? 2100 degrees? That is hot

Here is a slightly newer video showing the flow “breaking out” from its main route

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Why Geography is Great

just watch the videos of Mt Etna via this link from wired

etna full moon

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Year 9 great Tsunami resource

click above

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Year 9 tsunami work

jap tsunami from nat geo

There are lots of other articles and posts on this blog about the Japanese Tsunami, so feel free to look those up as well. You can use the category cloud (click on tsunami amongst all those blue words to the right of these posts) to help you do this. Also the BBC and Channel 4 websites have a huge amount of onformation on them. The instructions for your piece of work can be found on the link below. Please make sure you follow the directions carefully, so that you research the correct topics.

japanese tsunami instructions

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New and Rare Footage of the Tsunami in japan

This is from the National Geographic website. A good mix of video and diagrams to help describe both cause and effect of the disaster.

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Japan Tsunami

Click on this link to see the instructions and level guides for the task  japtsunami instructions

Click on this link for some websites to help you research the topic Tsunami Websites

If you want some help with starting your mind map. Here is the powerpoint form the lesson mind map help

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