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We covered the super volcano part of the syllabus today by watching the BBC drama. I attach for you the sheets we worked from and links to the video you watched Also there is a powerpoint which gives the syllabus demands and 2 exam questions.

supervolcanoes 2015 powerpoint

Super volcanoes instructions FLD 2015

Part 1


Part 2


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Kilauea Lava flow

Slow moving lava from Kilauea volcano on Hawaii. can you stop it? Do you know where it will go? How has the rain helped? 2100 degrees? That is hot

Here is a slightly newer video showing the flow “breaking out” from its main route

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Ontake Eruption Photos

I found some photos from this Japanese website 

The first one was is a horribly sad. It was taken by a man who dies in the eruption. his wife allowed a Japanese paper to use the photo. I share it and send my thoughts to Izumi Noguchi and his family. Like most people who died in the eruption it was the volcanic bombs not the ash cloud that was killed him

Deadly eruption

I liked the spiritual and Scientific mix of this post eruption photo

Scientist checking gas emissions next to a Buddha statue on Ontake

Scientist checking gas emissions next to a Buddha statue on Ontake

Finally there is a strange eye catching sharpness to the coloured coats of the surveyors amongst the ash ridden mountainside to this photo


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With the aid of a diagram explain the formation of ……. (4 marks)

BBC volcano

This style of question WILL turn up in the physical paper. So you must must must know how to answer it.

Firstly it is 4 marks. This means it is not point marked (so you don’t get 4 marks for saying 4 true and good things). Instead it is level marked.

LEVEL 1 means 1-2 marks and LEVEL 2 means 3-4 marks. You all are able to get 3-4 marks every time.

Level 1 Basic (1-2 marks)

Simple points, may be list like.

Generalised, applicable to anywhere where cliff collapse is an issue.

May refer only to people’s lives or the environment.

Statements may be in a random order. Ideas are separate.


Level 2 Clear (3-4 marks)

Points are developed and linked.

Geographical terminology used.

Complete sequence and reference to process as explanation is to the fore.

What this means to you is to get full marks you need to

1/ Write and draw the whole sequence of how the landform was made

2/ Use key geography words and

3/ Explain how it was made



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Why Geography is Great

just watch the videos of Mt Etna via this link from wired

etna full moon

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GCSE volcanic Eruption case study – Montserrat

montserrat volcano

The exam board requires that you  know “A case study of a volcanic eruption: to include its cause, primary and secondary effects and the responses to it.”

This case study covers all of these things for you.

Click on this link for the summary and revision sheet for this cases study. Case_study_handout[1]  Notice how much place specific information there is in there. Make sure you know this as well as all the general responses, effects and causes.

This video link shows the effects of the eruption as does this photo too.

Plymouth, Montserrat 1998


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