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Asian (Boxing Day) Tsunami


Before you read this post, remember that once you have revised this case study, the best thing to do is then to


Here are some extra resources to help you revise the tsunami. First you should check what it is the exam board wants you to know…. as ever you get this from the checklist sheet you were given for the topic. click this  Restless Earth contents if you don’t have one of these (Tsunamis are at the bottom of this document). The syllabus calls tsunamis “specific secondary effects”  so look out for that phrase in the exam. Like a lot of the physical paper case studies you are asked to know:

  • causes
  • effects
  • responses

The classwork you did and the page in the revision guide are both useful. If you are looking for some good PLACE SPECIFIC INFORMATION then the BBC can also help. They have  web page full of links (click here) .But make sure you don’t get distracted with so much information. Stick only to the 3 aspects you need

Secondly there is also this clip from the BBC news at the time which you may find useful


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Asian (or Boxing Day) Tsunami of 2004



The exam board require you to know a case study of a Tsunami; its causes, effects and the responses to it. I have gathered some online resources for this on this padlet page 

If seeing the lesson instructions and assistance helps you learn this case study then here is the powerpoint tsunami lesson GCSE

There has been one question recently on the effects of a Tsunami and one on the responses to it:

  • Use a case study to describe the responses to a tsunami. (8 marks)
  • Use a case study to describe the effects of a tsunami  (6 marks)

As yet there hasn’t been a question on the causes (so could 2015 be the year?)

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Year 9 great Tsunami resource

click above

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Excellent animation of how a Tsunami is caused

The New York Times has a really good animation of the causes of a Tsunami
here it is

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y11: Extra help on how Tsunami is caused

from the BBC website – nice and clear

This is very clear on the destruction it causes and the reason the wave is SO tall

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Why did the Big Earthquake today NOT produce a big Tsunami?

The quake moved the sea bed in a horizontal way and not a vertical way. Here the BBC explain it well in less than 2 minutes

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Y11 Tech Responses to The Japanese Tsunami

The BBC covered how the technology-loving nation of Japan made good use of its unique innovations and social networks in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that followed.This includes mobile phone technology, apps for tablets, electric cars charging your house (!)

Click here

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