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Revising the Kobe Earthquake?


We went through this quite quickly in class this week. So if you are a bit worried you didn’t get all the information and ideas here is the ever excellent cool geography website with EVERYTHING you need … the page is very clearly divided into causes effects and response. Just remember in our exam you need to compare this quake in a richer part of the world (MEDC) with one in a poorer part of the world (LEDC) We of course studied Nepal … Click here for the info you need on that.


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Revising Restless Earth but mainly the Alps

The revision lesson for 5/5/16  complete with revision tips and structures,information videos and exam questions. What more could you want? Oh yes, the videos from the powerpoint are linked separately in case you don’t want to sign up to slideshare to see them:)

Slide 1 click here

Slide 2 click here

slide 3 click here


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Nepal Earthquake: Before and After

I have found 2 beautiful and therefore sad videos of life in Nepal before and after the quakes.

Firstly before: here is a video of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal and where many of the people died

Secondly here is the story of one family’s life in the week after the first quake. they life in a rural area and not much help has come their way yet. As the man says “we don’t know where to go or how to say”

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Revising Earthquakes in rich and poor countries

plate boundaries

We studied Bam in Iran and California in the USA. There was an earthquake at each place. Each one about 6.3 on the Richter scale. Yet the over 20,000 were killed in Bam killed and only 1 in California. Why?

This is the crux of these two case studies. I am attaching the powerpoint, complete with video links from the lesson. It would probably help if, at the same time, you revised the way California is prepared for earthquakes through their shakeout program use the (why do you think the emphasis is so much on preparation and not prediction?)

Here is the powerpoint lesson on Bam and California earthquakes

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With the aid of a diagram explain the formation of ……. (4 marks)

BBC volcano

This style of question WILL turn up in the physical paper. So you must must must know how to answer it.

Firstly it is 4 marks. This means it is not point marked (so you don’t get 4 marks for saying 4 true and good things). Instead it is level marked.

LEVEL 1 means 1-2 marks and LEVEL 2 means 3-4 marks. You all are able to get 3-4 marks every time.

Level 1 Basic (1-2 marks)

Simple points, may be list like.

Generalised, applicable to anywhere where cliff collapse is an issue.

May refer only to people’s lives or the environment.

Statements may be in a random order. Ideas are separate.


Level 2 Clear (3-4 marks)

Points are developed and linked.

Geographical terminology used.

Complete sequence and reference to process as explanation is to the fore.

What this means to you is to get full marks you need to

1/ Write and draw the whole sequence of how the landform was made

2/ Use key geography words and

3/ Explain how it was made



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TED ED flipped lesson on Tectonics and why plates move

Here is a link to a video i flipped via Ted ed. Well when i say flipped, I mean added some questions to. Hope it is of use for understanding WHY PLATES MOVE. I cant see how to embed the video and questions yet, so you will have to just click on the link below

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3rd Y11 homework – Conservative Plate Margins

This homework follows the same format as the last one. There is a video (click here) which you need to watch and then complete the 3 tasks that are explained in it.

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