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PPP for an earthqauke


What does PPP stand for? Prediction Preparation Protection

We have studied Shakeout as a great example of PPP and the work they specifically do in California. I have summed this up here on one document that will help you revise for your exam

FEMA revision guide


Here is a short video they made to advise people

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Revising the Kobe Earthquake?


We went through this quite quickly in class this week. So if you are a bit worried you didn’t get all the information and ideas here is the ever excellent cool geography website with EVERYTHING you need … the page is very clearly divided into causes effects and response. Just remember in our exam you need to compare this quake in a richer part of the world (MEDC) with one in a poorer part of the world (LEDC) We of course studied Nepal … Click here for the info you need on that.


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Nepal Earthquake

nepal map

The Nepal earthquake of 2015 was an awful event. If you study it as a case study, it will help you in both the Development Gap and Restless Earth topics:

For Development gap it is a case study of how a natural event or natural disaster can restrict development in a country. so you would look at the short and long term effects and say how that would slow down Nepal becoming more developed

For Restless Earth, you need to know about the causes, effects (short and long term) and responses (short and long term again) to the quake

I have put ALL the resources you could possibly need on one simple padlet page



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Responding to the Nepal Earthquake

This video from the New York Times. It is useful to us for 5 reasons:

  1. It covers a lot of short term responses to the earthquake of 2015
  2. You can also see some of the effects of the quake.
  3. This short clip also illustrates how Nepal faces extra problems because it is a less wealthy country
  4. Finally, really good answers in the exam will talk about how the rural areas of Nepal with their inaccessibility meant both the effects were worse and the responses were made more difficult
  5. You can even use it in the Development Gap topic about how a natural disaster can hinder development in a country

And all in 3 minutes flat


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Revising Restless Earth but mainly the Alps

The revision lesson for 5/5/16  complete with revision tips and structures,information videos and exam questions. What more could you want? Oh yes, the videos from the powerpoint are linked separately in case you don’t want to sign up to slideshare to see them:)

Slide 1 click here

Slide 2 click here

slide 3 click here


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Rebuilding Nepal after the earthquake

This photo essay is the best thing I have read on the one year anniversary of the Nepal Earthquake. Look at the photos the captions and consider the long term impacts this quake had. Also you can see how the quake halted development in Nepal. It is a very personal and non geography text book article and all the better for it

please click here

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Nepal Earthquake: Long Term Effects

neapl earthquake water

The video on this link from the Guardian newspaper is very moving: A young family caught in the Earthquake. The father now paralysed from the waist down, unable to work. One young child and a mother who has to get up at 5 am to go to the one one working water supply that serves 60 people. The quake has change their lives forever and Nepal’s government is maybe not wealthy enough to be able to help. Especially as they live in such a rural area.

As the mother says “These days my heart hurts when I wake up …. Instead of planning for the future we are only thinking about how to survive today.”

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