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How Wolves make rivers meander less

This is ace. Wolves were introduced back to Yellowstone National Park 70 years after they were last there. As a result the whole ecosystem was altered.

We often bang on in lessons about linking ideas together and how in real life there are so many knock on effects. Well have a look at this video and see for yourself

More wolves means less deer (especially in the valley floors where they are easier to hunt down).

Less deer means less grazing. Less grazing means vegetation can grow more.

More vegetation means less soil erosion. Less soil erosion means less material in the rivers.

But more vegetation on the valley floors also means more stable river banks. More stable river banks means straighter rivers in places.

The animals the vegetation the ecosystem and the rivers are all interlinked

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Constructive and Destructive Waves

You would do well to find a better page on the web to explain the differences between these two types of wave than the BBC Bitesize revision one. So click here to have a look. I have posted before about waves in general. You can read that here

There is also a video here, made by another teacher that explains it quite well. It comes with a music soundtrack from the 1980s – around about the time I took my GCSE (well it was called an O’Level in those days)


Typical exam questions on this might be:

Describe the 3 features of a constructive or destructive wave (3 marks)


Explain how a constructive or destructive wave shapes the coast. (4 marks)

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