Help in revising Case Studies – Revision Cards

In the last couple of years a lot more pupils are using cards to help them revise. I worry that you may either be taking the wrong type of notes or maybe just copying out notes. Neither of which is going to help much. Therefore, I have drawn out some very simple ‘skeleton case study cards’ to guide you. After completing each one the best thing, as always, is to try a past exam question. (the top left box says PSI or Place Specific Information, which is the unique details, location and facts about the event or place you need to know)

I also include a link below to the case study revision cards by topic

Changing Urban Environments Skeleton Revision Cards

Development Gap Skeleton Revision Cards

Tourism Skeleton Revision Cards

Restless Earth Skeleton Revision Cards

Water on the land Skeleton Revision Cards

Coastal Zone Skeleton Revision Cards



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2 responses to “Help in revising Case Studies – Revision Cards

  1. Stephen Schwab

    Good approach.Great for students.

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