Revising Ecotourism Kenya

We us eat eMasai Mara Base Camp for our case study on ecotourism. It is almost like it is the opposite of Mass Tourism in Kenya case study.

click on this MASAI_MARA_BASE_CAMP link for the information you had in the lesson.

This Sustainable Tourism – an overview will also help you explain how eco tourism can be sustainable which is a frequent angle the exam questions can take

Here is a new video I have found which you can watch. This backs up the information you got in class. Look how woman and local people in general are given skills, jobs and training. This is sustainable because it will help their communities in both the short and long term.

Finally here are some exam questions you can try ….

2013 from the higher paper “Use a case study to show how ecotourism can contribute to sustainable development” (8 marks). 

Same year 2013 and the foundation paper had this question “For an ecotourism area or scheme that you have studied, describe the features that make it sustainable.” (6 marks)

This are both excellent ones to practice on as they make you revise sustainable development as well. To get top marks make sure every point you make is along the lines of on the Masai Mara base camp they do ……. the is sustainable because…..”



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