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How to charge your phone using mud

Well blow me down!. This is what you call sustainable development or sustainable energy tor maybe just being clever

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6 months after the Nepal Earthquake, people still struggling

Don’t forget that the effects of such an awful disaster are long term and now just short term

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Does being a cyclist like Danny MacAskill make you a better Geographer?

Or is walking better?

Look here at this powerpoint…..





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PLCs or Checklists or Revision Checklists for the Human Paper

Whatever you are calling them here are the checklists for the 3 topics that we study at St Edmund’s:

Changing Urban environments click here

Development Gap click here

Tourism click here

If you want to remember how to use them to start your revision click here for my help

All the foundation papers for you to find past questions to practise are here 

All the higher papers for you to find past questions to practise are here

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Step by step guide: how to be brilliant at revision

Revision made easy: A Step by Step guide


  1. Start off with your exercise book and a revision guide. Make sure you have the outline of the topic you are revising (this should be glued in your exercise book)
  2. Read the outline document to remind you of the topic. (3 mins)
  3. Then flick through your revision guide and book to help you remember the work in more detail. (5 mins)
  4. Complete your RAG PLC document. Don’t fill in all boxer one topic with the same answer. Be one more precise: which ones do you know best and which worst? (5-10 mins) …… all the checklists or PLCs (updated for 2016) can be found by clicking here


Actual Revision


  1. Target the red ones first. Don’t do the green ones first
  2. To revise the red areas, read through notes, shorten the notes, draw spider diagrams and get the information from your book, the revision guide, the geogteacher blog, BBC Bitesize, the machinanderson youtube channel
  3. Complete an EXAM QUESTION (most important bit).
  4. Hand it to your teacher to mark


After Revision

  1. Respond to any feedback/EBI your teacher gives you when they have marked it


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