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Is this coastal defence hard or soft engineering?

Here is a south today report on it

Then this is an Excellent written and video article from the BBC on how the environment agency is trying to defend the West Sussex coast at Medmerry in Southern England from sea flooding. This will withstand anything up to a 1 in a 1000 year storm. It is creating some new habitats for wildlife so it appears sustainable. Yet it involves building new structures and is expensive so it it also appears to be an example of Hard Engineering…. if you knew about this as well as our main case study at Holderness you would be cruising to an A* grade

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Resources for the Studland Case Study


(photo accreditation national trust and Will Wilkinson)

I have gathered together a collection of videos, articles, websites and ideas about the Studland coast for the case study and field trip here. They can all be found on our padlet page  If you are viewing this on an ios device I do recommend you ge thte free app which makes thewhole thing much easier.

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Excellent Hans Rosling for all parts of Development Gap

This superb program from our department’s favourite Swedish Professor of Public Health covers SO much of the Development Gap, it is like he just read the specification.

  • What makes a country less developed or more developed? What are the obstacles to development?
  • how can we measure development? whats the best way to measure development?
  • How are different development measures related to each other?
  • what factors increase global inequality?
  • How can people get out of poverty and improve their standard of living and quality of life?
  • how can aid help? does aid help?

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