year 7:Re-Using is better than Recycling

Over half term I was going to take a broken wardrobe to the tip and recycle it. I thought this is a good thing to do. But when preparing this lesson I had a different idea: the wardrobe didn’t make it to the tip, instead I took out the draws, the back and the runners. I took it to the garden laid it down flat and filled it with compost. Hey presto! A raised bed 🙂

wardrobe as a raided bed

But I don’t re-use that often: Here is a powerpoint for you to look at for your lesson.

Lesson 6 – reusing plastic bottles

Look at some of the ways the plastic bottle is being recycled. Choose at least 3 that you like and explain how each one benefits the people who are doing the recycling and their lives. Think about their wealth, their cmofort, their happiness, their food their families and anything else you may think may be impacted by the re-using. you could write this out in a paragraph using connectives or draw a flow diagram to show all the effects and knock on effects

Here is a connective sheet. I like this a lot but didn’t design it myself

literacy mat


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