Great Videos On Earthquakes and convection currents

This video of just 6 minutes and 45 seconds can greatly help you answer questions in your GCSE exam.

There was a question in the 2014 exam asking why bigger earthquakes don’t necessary kill more people. Well this video answers this very well. Professor Iain Stewart explains how different earthquake waves spread from the focus of the quake and how these 3 different waves cause different amounts of damage.

He then explains the human influence on the number of people killed and the amount of buildings destroyed and the percentage of the infrastructure that is destroyed. If you want a high grade at GCSE watch this video and write down all the facts that influence the impact of an earthquake on people. (think of building quality, where the main roads are located, what type of ground the buildings are on and other factors as well)

And as the professor says “Its not earthquakes that kill people its buildings


And if you want to revise convection currents and plate boundaries here is about 74 seconds of video from the same man to assist you  🙂


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