Development, Natural disasters and Aid (and Restless Earth and Tourism!)

nepal quake victims

Didn’t know what to call this post because it is about a short article from Time magazine that covers so much of our Development Gap topic. (You could also easily use it in an exam answer about Earthquakes for the Restless Earth topic and even for a question about tourism and how numbers may fall). Primarily it talks about why the quake in Nepal has and will have such a devastating effect on the country. This brings out other issues that are keeping Nepal poor and stopping it from developing (The Obstacles of Development that the syllabus and exam questions talk about)

The article says these are:

  • Low GNP (also called GDP or GNI) means Nepal hasn’t been able to afford in a good transport system or infrastructure. So some aid has been flown in but is stuck at the airport as the country struggles to get it ito the areas that need it
  • For such a poor country the earthquakes cost of between $1 and $10 billion could be up to half the countries wealth for the year. this will hinder spending on development in the future
  • The effect on tourism worth up to 8% of the countries annual wealth (GNI) will be long lasting and like the second point hinder government spending on development in future years (this is the bit you could also use an example in your tourism topic)
  • The government is not well organised enough to tackle the problem and so this too keeps the country poor and less developed

also read section 5 of the article called “competition for influence” and you will see one of the big drawbacks with aid; normally the country giving it wants something in return

you can click on the link on the first line for the article or here instead to read it



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