Revise using “THIS MEANS THAT”

I have written this powerpoint for my Year 10s to help them improve their work on the effect of the Earthquake in Nepal. But Year 11s can use this to help them. when you revise, just reading your notes is not an effective way of remembering information. Instead you need to DO SOMETHING with it.

So think of the mark scheme and how it asks you to LINK STATEMENTS to get to a level 2 answer and to make  GOOD DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR EXPLANATIONS to get a level 3. This document called getting 8 out of 8 is a version of the AQA A mark scheme that you can use for this exercise

When you read your work try to add extra sentences starting with “This means that……”….

Maybe in your original work you wrote “when the water flows around the outside of the bend it goes faster.” you could now add “this means that… it has more energy and this means that it will erode more and this means that the outside of the bend will be deeper than the inside”

Or maybe you wrote “Repairs will cost $5billion….. You could add “because Nepal is already a poor country with a low GNI “this means that about 40% of their GNI would be needed just to get back to where they were in 2015

If you like a powerpoint here is the one I used with the Year 10s This means that EBI


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