River Landforms Revision – Water on the Land

bbc meander pic

I have written previously about answering those “using a diagram describe the formation ….” questions in the physical paper. you can find that here

One of the key aspects you need to get correct is the sequence (or order) of events and to get full marks you need the whole sequence from start to finish.  I am attaching below a revision sheet to help you learn the sequence for the formation of :

  • waterfalls and gorges
  • V shaped valleys
  • floodplains
  • levees
  • meanders and ox bow lakes

Revising River Landforms

Each part of the formation is included but is in the wrong order. you can revise this by simply working out the correct order and checking against your book, but it would also be a good idea to draw a diagram or series of diagrams to show the formation and use the statements on the sheets to annotate your drawing.

Finally you should then of course have a go at an exam question to check your learning. I have posted all the past exam questions previously and you can find them here



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