Asian (Boxing Day) Tsunami


Before you read this post, remember that once you have revised this case study, the best thing to do is then to


Here are some extra resources to help you revise the tsunami. First you should check what it is the exam board wants you to know…. as ever you get this from the checklist sheet you were given for the topic. click this  Restless Earth contents if you don’t have one of these (Tsunamis are at the bottom of this document). The syllabus calls tsunamis “specific secondary effects”  so look out for that phrase in the exam. Like a lot of the physical paper case studies you are asked to know:

  • causes
  • effects
  • responses

The classwork you did and the page in the revision guide are both useful. If you are looking for some good PLACE SPECIFIC INFORMATION then the BBC can also help. They have  web page full of links (click here) .But make sure you don’t get distracted with so much information. Stick only to the 3 aspects you need

Secondly there is also this clip from the BBC news at the time which you may find useful



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