How Blackpool keeps the tourists coming with George Ezra and the illuminations


Look here for some great place specific information on what Blackpool is doing to maintain tourism numbers and avoid that “Stagnation stage” of the Butler tourist model.

This article talks about the £2.4 million extra funding they have for the lights this year. If you can talk about the IMPACT of this in your exam you will be aiming for that A grade 6/6 or 8/8 answer

This video below with George Ezra and even Little Mix (I know exciting eh?)show you the turn on for the Illuminations in 2014…. notice they turn them on at the end of August because then people will come and see them after the main summer season. this means that people keep their seasonal jobs for longer

Then you could watch the advert below for visiting Blackpool in 2014… make a list of the attractions (pleasure beach tower aquarium etc) and work out WHO will be attracted by these facilities… there you go more revision done for the tourism topic


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