ALL Past Papers for higher Physical part of AQA GCSE Geography syllabus A

Revising for your exam by answering  past exam questions is THE best way to prepare and to get a better grade than in your mock.

Below are the actual exam papers, the inserts (which is the booklet of maps and photos you get with your exam) and the mark schemes too. Please note the inserts for 2013 and 2014 are too big to upload here. you can either borrow a copy form me or find on the AQA site

Please feel free to email or hand in any exam questions you have attempted and I will be more than happy to mark them for you.

Jun15 physical paper

Jun15 physical Mark Scheme

Jun15 physical INSERT


Physical higher paper 2014

Physical Higher Mark Scheme 2014


Physical Higher Paper 2013

Physical higher Mark Scheme 2013


Higher question paper 2012

Higher mark scheme 2012

Higher question insert 2012


Higher EXAMPAPER physical 2011

Higher INSERT physical 2011

Higher MARK SCHEME physical paper 2011


higher EXAMPAPER physical 2010

higher physical INSERT-2010

higher physical mark scheme 2010




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37 responses to “ALL Past Papers for higher Physical part of AQA GCSE Geography syllabus A

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  3. Jeevan

    This is an excellent blog. Many thanks for maintaining it. Please could you send me the inserts for 2014 physical and human papers (higher). I am not able to see it in AQA site. Many thanks.

    • geogteacher

      Hello. Thank you for your comments. alas The file for the insert is so big it will not load onto this blog! I can only suggest asking at your school or college to borrow one. all the best

    • Dom

      Any last minute tips you got for me before my physical paper? Its on tuesday this week and I’m just now trying to predict the questions that may come up

      • geogteacher

        Hello. I never try to predict questions …. It only encourages risk taking….. It’s a Cliche but you can’t cut corners you need to revise it all.

  4. Jorawar Hayer

    Is it possible you could upload papers from 2004 onwards?
    Thank You.

    • geogteacher

      Hello. This new syllabus was first examined in 2010 so there are non before that. You will have to make do with the last 5 years only i am afraid

  5. Arianna

    Hi this is excellent, I do all my geography revision here but do you have the 2015 paper for geography?

    • geogteacher

      I don’t think that has been released digitally yet. Sorry. Your teacher will probably have a paper copy though

      • Ann Stevens

        Hi this is great but do you have the 2015 physical paper for geography

      • geogteacher

        Hello. Thank you. I don’t have a copy of that yet. You can find all past papers on the AQA website…. good luck with your work!

      • Jane

        Hi I was just wondering if you had the Geography A higher 2015 physical paper? I just did the human one but can’t see the physical one. Would it be at all possible for you to upload it? thank you.

  6. Chin

    Do you have the June 2015 papers yet?

  7. Jane

    do you have the physical 2015, i can see you have the human 2015. would be greatly appreciated thanks!

  8. rajveer

    Do you know anywhere else to get the 2015 june paper, other than the aqa site becacuse they also don’t have it.

  9. Hi, do you have the 2015 papers yet? i know you dint in Jan 19, 2016 but how about now. Please email them to me at also please attach the mark scheme and insert please. thanks for your time and effort for this website by the way.

    • geogteacher

      Papers now on my site. Good luck with your exams

      • Ahmar Iftikhar

        Hi Sir, once again asking as a favour, do you have physical and human for 2016, for practice? Please attach them to your website as so many of us find them very helpful. Thanks so much

  10. Thx Sir. Higly appreciate your help

  11. do you have foundation papers please if so cud u plz upload them thanks

  12. Kk

    Hello Sir,

    From the past papers from these years, what topics do you think are most likely to come (especially for higher)? I understand its best to learn everything, but I could learn some topics which were underlooked.


    • geogteacher

      Hello Kk, Alas there is NO way I would risk trying to play “guess the question”… Sorry, I am sure that isnt the answer you want to hear but you are right – learn the lot 🙂

  13. dainis.z

    Hi, I would like to know have got an idea of key topics that are likely to come up in the physical paper this year in may?

    • geogteacher

      To be honest I have no idea of what topics might come up in this years exam. I think trying to guess is dangerous as the best way to get a good grade is to revise everything!

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  15. Anna

    Is it possible for you to mark my answers of restless earth?
    If so, please give me your email address and I will send them to you.

    Thanks 🙂

  16. beckia

    Hello. Is it possible if I could send you model answers to get marked for the physical paper?

    • geogteacher

      Hello Beckia, Unfortunately I have my own classes and students to mark so I cannot accept any other work via the blog. However, I am sure if you handed in (without being asked) extra exam answers to your own teacher (s)he would be delighted!… one other thing you can do is try marking them yourself before you hand them. Then your teacher can also comment on your understanding of the mark scheme… Wishing you all the best for your exams this Summer 🙂

  17. Dom

    Hi, my exam is this week tuesday for the physical paper, i’m slightly nervous but have you got any last minute tips? at the moment im just trying to predict the type of questions that may come up

  18. could you please put on the 2016 past papers so I can revise I am in year 10 and really need some past paper revision if you are not allowed to then could you please email me the physical and human paper

  19. hi it is new year now so could you please upload the 2016 papers or email them to me at or give a date for the papers being uploaded please i want the higher tier physical and human paper 2016 please thanks i am really desperately waiting and you could reply to me please thanks and i am so sorry to keep posting on here but i just want a response please

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