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ALL Past Papers for higher Physical part of AQA GCSE Geography syllabus A

Revising for your exam by answering  past exam questions is THE best way to prepare and to get a better grade than in your mock.

Below are the actual exam papers, the inserts (which is the booklet of maps and photos you get with your exam) and the mark schemes too. Please note the inserts for 2013 and 2014 are too big to upload here. you can either borrow a copy form me or find on the AQA site

Please feel free to email or hand in any exam questions you have attempted and I will be more than happy to mark them for you.

Jun15 physical paper

Jun15 physical Mark Scheme

Jun15 physical INSERT


Physical higher paper 2014

Physical Higher Mark Scheme 2014


Physical Higher Paper 2013

Physical higher Mark Scheme 2013


Higher question paper 2012

Higher mark scheme 2012

Higher question insert 2012


Higher EXAMPAPER physical 2011

Higher INSERT physical 2011

Higher MARK SCHEME physical paper 2011


higher EXAMPAPER physical 2010

higher physical INSERT-2010

higher physical mark scheme 2010




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Why Choose Geography GCSE?

love_geography 2

Here is the information I shared with my Year 9 classes this week on GCSE Geography. The ideas are collated from other sources … the skills list from the RGS, the first video from the Russell group, the second from Lacey Geography channel on youtube and the last from Google

Thank you to all 4 of those organisations

choosing geography for GCSE

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We covered the super volcano part of the syllabus today by watching the BBC drama. I attach for you the sheets we worked from and links to the video you watched Also there is a powerpoint which gives the syllabus demands and 2 exam questions.

supervolcanoes 2015 powerpoint

Super volcanoes instructions FLD 2015

Part 1


Part 2

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