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Bedzed lesson 2014

BedZed low-energy housing, England

Here are the resources from our lesson

lesson powerpoint bedzed lesson dec 14

fact file bedzed fact file


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Prediction and Preparation for and Protection from Earthquakes


Here is the lesson powerpoint complete with video links so you can finish off the work. ppp lesson dec 14

Here is the table and diagram you had to complete PPP worksheet

Here is the excellent video on what californians do in the great shake out

Here is the short video of the news report on the most earthquake building in Los Angeles, California

If you want more information here is the great shake out website

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Big Waves for Surfers

Surfers are always searching for the next big wave. Here is Garrett Mcnamara in Portugal this week

At GCSE we need to know

A/ “why were the waves so big?” there are 3 reasons:

  1. The strength of the wind (it was over 100mph at times)
  2. The length of time the wind has blown (the storm in Portugal had  blown for a few days already)
  3. the ‘fetch’ which is the distance over which the wind has blown. This aid is Westerly and there are 1000’s of miles of Atlantic ocean out to the west of Portugal

B/ “is it a destructive or constructive wave?”… to answer this read this BBC Bitesize page  and then look back at the video


Here are some more photos of the waves at Praia do Norte in Nazare, Portugal. Taken by Rafael Marchante.


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Asian (or Boxing Day) Tsunami of 2004



The exam board require you to know a case study of a Tsunami; its causes, effects and the responses to it. I have gathered some online resources for this on this padlet page 

If seeing the lesson instructions and assistance helps you learn this case study then here is the powerpoint tsunami lesson GCSE

There has been one question recently on the effects of a Tsunami and one on the responses to it:

  • Use a case study to describe the responses to a tsunami. (8 marks)
  • Use a case study to describe the effects of a tsunami  (6 marks)

As yet there hasn’t been a question on the causes (so could 2015 be the year?)

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What causes what? Ebola and Poverty in Liberia, West Africa

Great new video from Gapminder …..Fits in REAL NICE for the development Gap topic. Talk about this in the exam and get closer to your A*

Firstly, it talks about the reasons Liberia has been less developed such as civil war and corruption

and then it talks about the impact of Ebola…..

Because Liberia is poor it has cramped overcrowded housing and poor hygiene and health so as soon as Ebola starts it is easy for it to spread among families and poorer areas

And when it starts to spread it causes poverty as people cannot work, because they are ill or looking after others and the country has to spend more on medicine than other things that could help it develop like education and transport and training

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