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Fair Trade Bananas

Asda bananas 600x350

Short video on Fair Trade campaign to change how Asda and Tesco sell their bananas and to make them all fair trade

So why do these people want to make all bananas fair trade? Well  most people would agree that trade between different countries is unfair and that already wealthy countries gain more from trade and make more profits than already poor countries do. this means the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. This web page explains this in good detail

The BBC has a good page on the advantages of fair trade. you can find this here. remember revising this will also help you with you with the Fair Trade part of your RS “world poverty” topic



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Excellent time-lapse of a river to show meanders and ox bow lakes

look at this simple web page

I love it!

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Would a cat draw a map like this?

I found this map via @brainpickings on twitter. It is from a book about the best info graphics of the year which if you are interested you can buy online from here



The designers of the map said “Our cat Tibby disappeared suddenly and we were devastated. Then, five weeks later, he returned, fat and happy. We were overjoyed he was back, but where had he gone? We decided to strap a GPS unit to his collar and find out where he spent his days.’ (Caroline Paul, writer, and Wendy MacNaughton, illustrator)


So if you are a cat owner, what map would your cat draw?

If you are a geography student, what can you tell about the neighbourhood Tibby lives in from the map?

And if you are a geography teacher, how would you use this resource in a lesson?

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Exams – How well prepared will you be?

Do you want to do well?

Do you want to do your best?

How will you guarantee doing well?

How will you guarantee doing your best?

Now watch this video. How much preparation, organisation and planning went into this to make it possible to shoot all this in JUST ONE TAKE?


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Kilauea Lava flow

Slow moving lava from Kilauea volcano on Hawaii. can you stop it? Do you know where it will go? How has the rain helped? 2100 degrees? That is hot

Here is a slightly newer video showing the flow “breaking out” from its main route

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Revision checklist for the Water on the Land topic

I am attaching a digital copy of the checklist for this topic. You can use this version and change what you have written in each box after you have revised each part of the topic

pupil Water on the Land excel checklist

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Mark Schemes for Exam questions on river engineering

We have looked at hard and soft engineering for rivers. Next lesson you will be answering one of these two questions. You should revise the lessons content and plan for the question itself by reading through how the examiners awarded marks for these two questions

Explain how flooding can be managed using hard engineering strategies. (6 marks)

Hard and soft engineering strategies are used to manage flooding. Choose either hard engineering or soft engineering and explain why it is the better strategy. (8marks)

Click here for the document mark schemes 2011 engineering qs

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