Revising Development Gap



Quick Starter: This is an image of all the Facebook accounts and the connections they make…. it clearly shows a pattern of wealthier and less wealthy countries… how do you think internet use is a good measure of development?


Like the coastal zone post, this is is a small collection of resources to help you revise the development gap topic.

Here is the topic outline. The Development Gap outline

We covered a lot of things today, but here are three things I didn’t have time to mention at all:

  • Fair Trade (BBC Bitesize revision on this is here ) also here is a good BBC thing on types of aid and whether aid is a good thing or not
  • How people try to ‘reduce the inequalities within the EU (i.e. how they try to makes things fairer and less unequal) 
  • Water Aid (there is a comprehensive post elsewhere on this site on Water Aid, click here for that

Two people asks for some help with revising how a natural disaster can affect development. Here is a revision prompt for that development gap FINAL revision Haiti

If there is anything else you would like to know please ask or email or contact twitter @stedsgeography



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