Formation of young fold mountains: The Alps

Hello Year 11’s … here is a great post from a different teacher on Young Fold Moutains and how they are formed …..

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The Formation of young fold mountains chains such as the Alps


The Alps are the largest mountain chain in Europe. They are formed in a curved belt that extends 1050km (650miles) across Southern Europe from Mediterranean France to Austria. At its widest the Alps are 200km (120miles) wide and rise up to over 4000m with Mont Blanc in France its highest peak at 4807m high.

Photo Credit S Hansraj Mont Blanc – Photo Credit S Hansraj

Formation of Fold Mountains

Fold Mountains form along both  destructive and collision plate boundaries, in other words where two plates are pushing towards each other.

The best examples are the Himalayas, the Rockies, the Andes and the Alps, all of which are huge fold mountain ranges caused by the collision of two plates.


The general theories are as follows is that as two plates move towards each other they push layers of accumulated sediment in the sea between them…

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