Coasts – Some Revision ideas


Here are some resources to help you revise for our min mock next week. Most of these can be found elsewhere on the blog, but this makes it easier for you by putting them all in one place ….

Firstly : This is the same document style you get for each topic. The Coastal Zone outline

If you are in a real rush here is an even briefer version of the topic:

Quick revision checklist for Coastal zone

  • Weathering & mass movement
  • erosion and transport in the sea
  • Erosional landforms (headlands and bays, wave cut platforms, caves arches and stacks)
  • Depositional landforms & LSD (beaches, spits and bars)
  • Impact of rising sea level & coastal flooding (Maldives)
  • Case study of an eroding coastline (Holderness)
  • Sea defences case study (Also Holderness)
  • Coastal habitat case study (Studland Bay)

You also requested some information on the causes and effects of global warming: we study the Maldives as a mini case study for this… here is a revision guide sea level rise revision notes

Also here is a guide to how long shore drift works. It is from the BBC and includes a simple and clear animation

Finally here is a document with (*nearly) every exam question on coasts there has ever been in the last 5 years. Complete just one or more of these hand it to me or email it and I will mark it for you. Coast exam questions in one place


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