Revising Urbanisation


One of the things you need to know in the Changing Urban Environments topic in the AQA A GCSE syllabus is:

  • “Urbanisation”
  • What causes it
  • And how it is at different rates in different parts of the world.

You can learn nearly all of what you need to know from these short (some very short) BBC clips

This one explains urbanisation in the UK (1 minute 51 seconds)

Here is one that defines urbanisation and shows how it is different in richer and poorer parts of the world  ( 1 minute 37 seconds). You may be clever and see how out of date it is as it called richer parts of the world MEDC and poorer ones LEDC

This one is great on the causes, called PUSH and PULL factors, of rural to urban migration (countryside to town) in poorer parts of the world. Note how it is normally young people that make this move; why do you think this is? (3 minutes and 32 seconds)

That is a grand total of exactly 7 minutes. Pretty effective and efficient revision I’d say 🙂

God bless the BBC.





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