Revising Bedzed


Bedzed is the case study we have used to show how an urban area can be sustainable. This is what you need to know for the exam ….

  • The characteristics of a sustainable city
  • Environmental: the importance of conserving historical and natural features, using brownfield sites, providing open spaces, reducing and disposing of waste
  • Social: including local people in decision making, providing an efficient public transport system
  • Economy: Including how local businesses are helped by this development

This powerpoint on the egan wheel gives you an idea of what makes an urban area sustainable. It is a bit vague, but if you can explain why each feature of this Egan Wheel is sustainable you will be doing  very well EGAN WHEEL

This powerpoint is a couple of years old now and is in an earlier post from 2011. It gives great place specific information (which will help you get a higher mark) as well as explaining how some of Bedzed’s features are sustainable. bedzed powerpoint

Finally here are 4 excellent 8/8 answers on how Bedzed is sustainable. They were done by pupils in the summer of 2012. 8 out of 8 answers on Bedzed


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