Revising the Holderness Coast Case Study


Few case studies are more fundamental to a topic than this one. You will need to know:

1) Why the coast is eroding

This includes human, but is mainly physical factors. This powerpoint Reasons for rapid erosion explains all of that

2) The effects of coastal erosion

You will need to know about social, economic and environmental effects. This powerpoint Effects of erosion on Holderness Coast explains all of that

3) The pros and cons of different engineering strategies on the coastline

This is mainly about hard and soft engineering. Here is the powerpoint (not mine originally) on the pros and cons of different coastal defences hard and soft engineering But you will also need to know where these defences are on the coastline and for that you can use this Defending the Holderness coast

Now thats a lot of power points from lessons, but as I said this is a pivotal and impotent case study …….


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