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Mass Tourism in Kenya


I have a (smaller) padlet on Mass Tourism

Also here is the powerpoint from our lesson

mass tourism in Kenya

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Hans Rosling “Don’t Panic” (about population)

Hans R

Here is a link to an excellent video on population rise and how it is being managed. It also squashes a DEVELOPMENT GAP topic too.

It covers:

causes of inequality

ways of reducing inequality

sustainable developmen


and is really interesting and entertaining as well!

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Antarctica – an example of an extreme environment for tourists to visit

antarctica penguins

The powerpoint from the lesson is attached below. the homework task to finish can be found on slide 10. All the video links we used in the lesson are on the earlier slides

Antarctica lesson powerpoint

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Blackpool – A coastal resort


Here is a padlet wall with LOADS of resources for you to use to find out all about 

Blackpool – A case study of a coastal resort.

You need to know 1) Why it grew 2) How large tourist numbers are managed 3) how the resort plans to continue being successful in the future

The powerpoint I used in the lesson is here.

blackpool padlet lesson

This is either for other Geography teachers to use, adapt, improve or ignore and for my classes to refer back to if there was anything you missed

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