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Beauty not geography

Would like all the girls i teach to see this

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UK floods Winter 2013-14, especially in Aberystwyth

_70895432_f8b348c2-8d7f-4933-adba-0b26dbdfa2b4The UK is flooding in many places. We are just looking at Aberystwyth. You have two main questions to answer.

There are many resources out there but I have given you a start with a collection of new reports that I have gathered on this page . If you find any more good articles or other online resources, then do let me know and I will add them to the page.

The task sheet is right here Aberystwyth instructions

Here is some Help if you need it with Aberystwyth work

for teachers here is differentiated group focus to help the lesson go smoothly!

Happy flood working!

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