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Geography in the News

love_geography 2

Well look at this! Just after our fieldtrip to look at Bath/Bristol and how they have tried to revitalise their CBD’s, the same story is all over the papers and the BBC only a few days later.

Look here:

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Most of the exam question on Restless Earth EVER

exam question cartoon

Attached are all the exam questions ever on this topic, except for the ones that required a resource (like a map, photo or graph) to answer them.

It is useful to see all the exam question in a list like this to see how there are similarly strucutred questions over the years.

Depending on which paper you are entered for you can delete half of the questions of you so wish

Restless Earth Ex Qs all in 1 doc

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Why Geography is Great

just watch the videos of Mt Etna via this link from wired

etna full moon

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