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Interactive Thoughts on Salisbury

Here is your chance to help create an interactive page on Salisbury. Use the padlet page below to express your feelings on the city. Maybe a website or photo of your favourite place. Maybe your a song (you can link from youtube) that you associate with the city linked from youtube. Did you go to an event or concert you really enjoyed, then add that. indeed just type in something and a note that way.

Here’s the link to the page …


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Ted Ed Flipped lessons and Development

And here is a new Ted Ed flipped lesson i have created. This one is based on a TED talk that was on Malaria and why it is hard to get rid of in poorer countries of the world.

Again, please click on the link.

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TED ED flipped lesson on Tectonics and why plates move

Here is a link to a video i flipped via Ted ed. Well when i say flipped, I mean added some questions to. Hope it is of use for understanding WHY PLATES MOVE. I cant see how to embed the video and questions yet, so you will have to just click on the link below

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Year 7 First lesson and homework

Amazing Places! Here is the Video we saw in the lesson. Choose one of these places and in less than 5 sentences explain why you would like to go there

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