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Y11: Foundation Tier Past Papers for the Human Paper

Revising using past exam questions is probably the best way to revise this close to your exams.

I am attaching past exam papers, the inserts and mark schemes for the last 3 years exams for GCSE Geography AQA Syllabus A which is the paper we do. Please note that the 2009 paper was just a specimen so there are pictures and maps missing from it.

One of the best ways of revising is to look at past questions and answer them. I am happy to mark any of your answers whether hand written or emailed in to me.

foundation question paper-June 2012

human Foundation paper Jun11

human Foundation insert Jun11 (e.g. the photos and maps)

human Foundation mark scheme Jun11

June 2010 foundation exam paper for the Human Geography Exam

June 2010 foundation insert for the human geography Exam

June 2010 foundation paper mark scheme for the human geography exam

June 2009 foundation exam paper for the human Geography exam

June 2009 foundation mark scheme for the Human geography exam


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