Y11 Past Papers for Foundation Physical Exam

Revising for your exam by reading answering or just referring to past exam papers is probably the best way to prepare at this late stage. I have included the actual exam paper, the insert (which is the bookley of maps and photos you get with your exam) and the mark scheme too. Please note the insert for the 2012 paper takes SO long to download i left it out. you can collect a copy from me or Miss Machin

Please feel free to email or hand in any exam questions you have attempted and I will be more than happy to mark them for you.

Foundation question paper (physical) 2012

Foundation insert 2012

Foundation EXAM paper physical 2011

Foundation paper INSERT physical exam 2011

Foundation paper Mark Scheme physical 2011

fndtn paper physical 10

fndtn insert physical 10

fndtn mark scheme physical 10


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